Opening Reception

An opening reception with drinks, nibbles and music will be offered at the end of the opening ceremony and keynote at the historic ‘Aula’ auditorium of the University of Graz.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will also be hosted at the ‘Aula’ auditorium of the University of Graz and introduce participants to the delicacies of the Styrian cuisine.

Graz Walking Tour(s)

Guided walking tours of Graz will be offered during the conference week, after the conclusion of the daily conference program, and take participants on a max. two hour long tour through of Graz’ historical city centre. The local tour guides have both history and stories to tell. The walking tour is also a good starting point for those who want to explore Graz more intimately on their own.

Wednesday: (Collision with the Conference Dinner) 5.30 pm

  • Tour 1: Schlossberg – Explore the Castle Hill

Thursday: 7pm

  • Tour 1: Go West – Explore the West Side
  • Tour 2: Graz Kennenlernen – Get to know Graz

Friday: 5.30pm

  • Tour 1: Graz Kennenlernen – Get to know Graz

Post-Conference Social Events

Three excursions on Saturday will introduce visitors to some of the most beautiful sights of Styria. Admittance for these trips will be limited to at most 50 participants per trip. Expenses will be based on the actual price of transportation by bus and admittance at the local sights and paid by the participants.

Trip 1: Chocolate on the Rocks (cancelled)

This trip will take visitors to the famous Austrian chocolatier Hans Zotter and take them on a tour through his main manufacturing facility (with plenty of opportunity for sampling his creations). Before that we will visit the magnificent Riegersburg Castle and enjoy the view over the entire “Vulcanland” region.

Trip 2: Styrian Tuscany (cancelled)

This trip features the breathtaking scenery of the vineyards and rolling hills of southern styria. Of course, the tour will feature a “Brettljause” (traditional styrian light meal) and a wine tasting experience, with a renowned viniculturist of the region explaining various factors that influence the finished product, and the differences between various grapes and soils.

Trip 3: Admont abbey and library (Registration over)

The library of the Admont Abbey is one of the most spectacular creations of the late European Baroque. It is a repository of the knowledge gleaned down the centuries. The beauty of the library and abbey is mirrored by the breathtaking scenery of the “Gesäuse” National Park and the mountain peaks of Upper Styria.